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We work very closely with not only you, but your care provider and insurance company to ensure you are able to receive services on your schedule in an affordable manner. While co-pays vary widely and costs fluctuate, we competitively base charges on current industry prices to allow you worry-free and hassle-free experiences. ​

Nearly all clients have some form of insurance that covers the majority, if not all, of these chargers. However, for clients needing additional assistance, we provide a sliding scale for qualifying candidates on a first come-first serve tailored to each individual need as deemed necessary. It's extremely important to us to provide the best level of care to all individuals, regardless of financial or personal situations that might hinder that effort.​

For more information, questions, or if you are ready to set up your free phone or in-person consultation, please contact us via email or phone.

We look forward to getting to know you and becoming a part of your journey.


Insurances Currently Accepted: